What Is Humulene & What Does This Cannabis Terpene Do?
What Is Humulene

The subtle earthy, woody, and spicy notes that give hoppy beers their distinct taste and aroma are also partly responsible for giving cannabis its unique scent. Both hops and cannabis share a common terpene:.

But there’s more to humulene than its herbaceous charm. This terpene is found in a wide variety of plants and has been used for centuries in holistic Eastern medicinal practices.

it is also no stranger to modern biomedical research, including studies on black pepper, hops, and ginseng, and research has proven it to be an effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite suppressant.

Cannabis Strains Containing Humulene

In cannabis, humulene is a fairly common terpene and is present in modest quantities in a variety of cannabis strains. It’s partially responsible for giving the plant its distinct spicy, herbaceous, and subtly floral bouquet of aromas.

Similar to both myrcene and pinene, humulene is a fundamental element in the overall aromatic profile of cannabis.

However, humulene usually appears in slightly smaller quantities than its terpene counterparts, often taking a back seat in a cultivar’s flavor profile with its subtle notes of earth and florals.

Some strains with a higher-than-average concentration of humulene include:

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