Bubble Gum Feminised Seeds

Bubble Gum Feminised Seeds


Flowering Time55-60 Days
Harvest MonthLate September
Yield400-500 gr/m2
TasteIntense Strawberry Gum, Sweet & Fruity
EffectRelaxing Physically & Mentally Stimulating
GrowsIndoors / Outdoors

Bubble Gum Feminised Seeds  grow a medium tall, usually not too branchy (sometimes stretchy) plant, producing compact, crystal covered buds. Originally the Bubble Gum was developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland.

Bubble Gum took many generations to finally produce this stable Bubble Gum, with the characteristic, sweet smell (truly resembling a typical bubble gum taste) and euphoric high; the original trademarks of this famous strain. The only inbred strain (no F1 hybrid) in the Serious menu.

What to grow at home?

Choosing between seeds and clones depends on your purpose. If you only need or want a small supply of your favorite strains, you should go for a clone. You can grow a few in a small or portable grow room. You can shop for robust clones requiring little care. You might also select clones with the genetic strength and energy to grow outdoors.

If you want to take farming and breeding more seriously, you will likely start with a selection of seeds favoring a small variety of strains you prefer for recreational and/or medicinal benefits. With care, the seeds become seedlings you can pot for indoors or plant outdoors. Experts prefer to start with seeds because they know what they are getting and will learn to create their own seeds in time.

Whichever planting path you follow, you will be investing money and time. It makes even more sense to learn all you can about cannabis’ botany, genetics, growth cycle, nutrition, and watering. You must shop for lighting and circulation equipment that serves your plans now with potential for future growth.

In any case, growing your own Bubble Gum Feminised Seeds more time, effort, and money than a hobby. If you treat it like a hobby, you will become disinterested and careless. Doing it right and beneficially takes more dedication and commitment than a mere pastime. So, you must be all in or not at all.

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