Smart Cart Exotic Edition

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Smart Cart Exotic Edition

Product Specification: 

Capacity: 0.8ML
Color: green+silver
Resistance: 1.2ohm
Oil Holes: 4*1.5mm
Thread :510
Coil: Ceramic Cell
Material: Copper Drip tip, Glass Tube


Flavors packaging for option (without oil):

1) Indica: Pink prosecco, Gelato 45, Jungle Punch;

2) Hybrid: Gushers; Strawnana; Mochi, birthday cake;

3) Sativa: White cookies, runtz, London pound cake, Ice cream cake, Kosher Kush.


Please notice:  

– This is a clone item with high quality

– This cartriges are empty ones, no including any hemp oil.

– If you choose carts+ packing box, random flavors delivery, hope your understanding, thanks.


Gelato, Apple Fritter, Blueberry kush, Cookies and Cream, Do-Si-Dos, Gorilla Glue, Forbidden Fruit, GSC, Grape Pie, Kosher Kush, Lemonade, Mars OG, Mimosa, Pineapple Express, Purple Punch, Sunset Gerber, Strawnana, Strawberry Shortcake, Sour Tangie, Skittles, Wedding Cake, Yoda OG

10 reviews for Smart Cart Exotic Edition

  1. Vancouver

    if you’ve ever heard Mr Barry White sing then all you have to do is taste that smoothness and deep dark bass notes of the blackest of berries.

  2. Toker

    10 out of 10 my new favorite strain. I bought an ounce out of curiosity and loved it so much I bought two more. The brand was “assembly flower” the taste and aroma of this strain is so invigorating, it is easily my favorite now. All batches had different THC %s 25.8 (29.01 total) ,24.89 (29.01 total) ,26.78 (29.01 total) I noticed the higher THC the more slinky and white widow it was. The lower one had more of the blueberry smell. It’s delicious! Definitely get your hands on this strain but please save some more for me and don’t drive up the prices! Haha (I got it for 220 an o after taxes 🙂

  3. StopHatinBro

    Berry white had me straight handling my business! Very “get-her-done” strain. I ended up washing 6 loads of clothes, cleaning happily, munchies, and I might go to Mikky D’s in a min! Got this one on the low from my local dispensary as I saw the 19.02 thc.

  4. Lee Gal13

    Never puffed any Berry White but made some killer baked goods just from leaves discarded to the ground. Oooweeee

  5. JB Koophuis

    Made edibles from the leaves??!! WTF??!! You are desperate as well as a real rookie!!

  6. Ryan 420

    Happy, mellow, chill, & sleepy were the effects. Sweet berry with a little blueberry & pine were the smells & tastes. Firm medium green & golden yellow buds with light brown pistils. Fine amber hairs & small trichomes covered the buds. Cultivated by Sun Kissed Flower with 18% THC. Strain AKA White Berry & Blue Widow. Best for relaxation. 420 Out!

  7. Retired Guy

    Smart Cart Exotic Edition
    berry &Smart Cart Exotic Edition
    . Berry White I had was a Hybrid by Passiflora that contained 21% THC. The dense, moss green buds were encrusted with small crystal trichomes & had lots of short tan pistils. Taste & smell was a sweet berry pine. With this Hybrid I got even balanced effects, Happy & uplifted followed by relaxation. Medicate On!!

  8. Original Farmer

    Just got off the plane with a few bows ( Memphis slang for pounds ) and after finally getting situated at home. I must say I’m very impressed with the “ Berry White “ strain. I wrapped up a white diamond swisher and just barely bumped the blunt maybe 8 times and put it out. Well my daughter walked in the den where I’m watching live pd and she says dad your eyes red, then my spouse comes in and says “baby you look really high “ lol so I gave my niece a bud who drove in from Ole Miss with a few of her AKA sisters. I gave her and her friends a gram to roll up and considering they smoke multiple blunts a day so I figured this would be a true test for this so called Barry White strain. Well after a hour they were eating up the house, laughing and giggling their ass off. I definitely can tell it’s the relative of Smart Cart Exotic Edition.

  9. Matherne42

    i just havested my Berry Whites (killer stuff to smoke) and make cannaoil from the trim and sugar leaves and use it to bake with. it does indeed make awesome edibles.

  10. Dalton 242

    You must grow more than you can sell at the prices I see here and it seems like the other locals would go out of business……..of course ALL of you are silly rookies who make up new weed names every time you take a toke………and of course claim all the things it magically cures………you are good at conning voters but in Jefferson county that is pretty easy…….one thing it does cure is an empty wallet.

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