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Pure Ones concentrates to deliver the cleanest and highest THC in each vape. Made with high-quality cannabis oils, giving medical and recreational customers a potent experience with just the first hit.

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They carts are 100% organic, solvent free cannabis concentrates — from the distillate to the cartridges, each product is double lab tested.

Testing begins with the starting material to ensure the flowers used to craft the concentrates are the clean and potent. Never compromising quality, all triple-distilled concentrates are uncut and free from glycerin or glycols.

Pure One carts are one of the best hitting THC vape cartridge available today. This clear concentrate delivers the cleanest and highest potency oil instantly. Giving you a potent head rush after your first hit.

Pure one cartridges is the best hitting  vape cartridge available on the market today. Our proprietary triple distilled clear concentrate delivers the cleanest and highest potency oil that bursts with natural flavors.

Combined with our next generation ceramic coil cartridge. Pure One Carts produces 10 times more vapor than any standard cartridge on the market today.



Sunset Sherbet, Wedding Cake, Gorilla Glue, Pineapple Express, GSC, Gelato 33, Do-Si-Dos, Amnesia Haze, Hawaiian Snow, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Maui Wowie, Tangie, Lemon Haze, Paris OG, Purple Punch, Skywalker OG, Wiz OG, Critical Kush, Louie XIII, Forbidden Fruit

11 reviews for Pure One

  1. Susan Smith

    I rolled a pin joint and the taste is actually fruity and the effects are a full heady head high because of its potency. No paranoia Takes your bad thoughts and turns them too understanding and awakening then sleep and dream time. Good Nite.

  2. 1Kushman

    Pure One Carts
    is also known asPure One Carts
    & what I had was by Bare Farms. Hard, slightly sticky, yellow green buds with burnt orange pistils & plenty of fine sandy trichomes. Sweet, citrus, earthy, kushy & pine was the smell & the taste. Effects made my mind happy & my body completely relaxed & sleepy. Happiest Of Sedation’s!!

  3. Franklin Nathan Stine

    This strain is great!

    Was sold seeds of Blueberry and it looks like a heavy sativa strain – skinny leaves and growing tall (so I may have been sold a variant strain).
    I am a rubbish grower, but the BB strain has been killing it. I popped BB, Purple Train Wreck, and Aroura – the BB had full survival rate. (PTW was only 50% survived to veg). Aroura was crap.

    BB thrived hydroponic, no coco. Fast, strong growth. Good roots. No yellow leaves.
    PTW was half the size in Veg to BB.
    Using “sea of green” BB sprung back from modification fast and side arms became good top buds.
    Harvest was good. 9 BB / only 1 PTW survived.
    Each BB yeild over 30% on PTW.
    Clones have been hard to kill.
    Strain is not sensitive to fertalizer, ph or tempature abuse. I grow using neglect. Usually, only skunk strains survive my abuse.

    The smoke is good. Not too heady, comfortable. It makes me want to strech and do yoga.
    Would defanitly recomend.

  4. Kingbud

    My Pure One Carts
    (Pure One Carts
    ) is an Indica containing 24% THC by Inhalence. The full buds are neon lime in color with burnt orange hairs & a nice layer of trichomes. A piney, earthy, Pure One Carts
    , is the scent & flavor. The effects made me happy, relaxed, & sleepy. Said good-bye to tension with this strain. Best used at the end of one’s day when the work is done because of it’s heavy sedation. 4.5 stars! Medicate On…..

  5. Dave Osgood

    Im growing this strain so i will do a review once i harvest but im currently at day 20 in flower and THIS SMELLS FUNKY lol idk if thats genetic related because some might be more Skunky then blueberry but I can’t wait to try it and ill be back with the full review.

  6. Daniel

    Really energized My favorite part of day

  7. Bob Hoaxy

    Amazing indica with a beautiful head high that mounts before spreading to the rest of the body in a full melt and eventually leading to sleep

  8. Frankie

    one of the most flavorful concentrates out there. amazing how it lingers on the palate and then in your brain.

  9. Judy

    Great strain to lay down and pass right out. My ‘go to’ for sleep.

  10. Spencer Habbie

    I use Cannabis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks, so I tend to have a hard time finding strains that don’t increase my anxiety a little. This one is great. I can definitely agree with couch lock and euphoric effects and also the giggly and happy efforts. It is pretty strong! I took one hit of the vape pen and I felt higher than normal rather quickly. I absolutely Love this strain! I get hesitant with hybrids because of the anxiety but this one definitely does feel the Indica dominance. 😁

  11. Bill Clinton

    This strain has become among the most liked ones. Did two hits and feel stoned immediately for a long time, baby! Recommend for all types of smokers! Really relaxing having no idea when it’s gonna end. Cool! DJ Short Forever!

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