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buy muha meds carts online Extraordinary tasting hits with a higher evaluation of lucidity.

Never weakened or blended with any contaminants, propylene glycol, particulates, or unsafe smoke poisons.

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This pen has a delicate vapor aroma that does not smell like cannabis. And can without much of a stretch be put away.

Strong and well-hitting, this vaporizer conveys a solid draw joined by an incredible taste and awesome wind current that does not thicken or clump.

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As cannabis users keep on climbing in the US and around the globe, the strategies for use are advancing and ending up more proficient.

consuming cannabis without smoking dry bloom is with a battery-worked vaporizer. Which can be used to smoke THC cartridges that contain concentrated cannabis oil.

At Smart smoke shop, your satisfaction is the top priority meaning we give you the best. and put a smile on your face, for our products are top-rated and we do not sell empty carts. for more information about us, you can visit  or contact our customer service. Muha Meds Carts


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21 reviews for Muha Meds Carts

  1. Sandra J Echols

    Amazing high. My father recommended this wonderful flower to me. He smoked it when he was my age (20’s). My new favorite!

  2. Stkman1999

    Bought an eighth of this tonight. Totally unsure if I ever had it before when I was younger, as this was the first time I ever purchased it legally. Loved it. Smoked a couple bong hits and then a small bowl after that. Great earthy taste but a hint of a fruity smell. The high was excellent. Upbeat and relaxed. Some Euphoria, but an excellent body buzz. It was a little expensive at 56 bucks but overall, I am happy with the Quality, taste, smell, and potency of Acupulco Gold!!

  3. Joe Bellavance

    Since I started purchasing cannabis legally in MA I’ve sampled over a dozen different strains and Acapulco Gold is by far my personal favorite. I mainly use cannabis to self-medicate for depression, anxiety and PTSD. Acapulco Gold is an instant mood-lifter and my mind is still highly functional so I can still stay on task throughout the day. The best daytime strain I’ve come across so far.

  4. Lady Victoria

    For daytime use, you can’t go wrong with this strain. Always a good choice.

  5. Jamielee

    New to this strain, it’s my second time buying it and I’m absolutely in love. Although I’m normally an indica smoker, this strain may well have converted me. Nice, smooth, mouthwatering puffs and a lovely fruity aroma. Thought provoking and uplifting rather than zombie mode, slumped to the sofa. Could be smoked in the day time and still be functional or in the evening, kicking back smoking with friends. Definitely recommend.

  6. Maria Cecília Vasconcelos

    Muha Meds Carts is a strain I go in search for when I’m gonna re up. Always a hit and never a miss with me, great for all day use helping to power through the day. Smoke some for me if you decide lemon haze

  7. Jackie Raye

    Bought a few halfs on the last trip to the dispensary, and this is the one we killed first. It’s a mellow, happy, “get stuff done and be in a good mood” kind of high. Nothing crazy, just perfectly pleasant. Need to clean your kitchen? Hit this a few times and turn on some music. Good for socializing too, light and giggly and able to follow the conversations happening around you. 10/10 recommend. Caveat – if you are trying to get LIT, you will probably want to choose something else.

  8. Eric M

    Use to keep me focus on my work. Help to clear your mind to be into working mood. I love the fact you don’t get the fuzzy feeling, Great for outdoor as well. I do have headache from a car accident, that help inflammation quite well. Love it!

  9. Larry Jizzm

    Having a brain injury there’s one thing I know. It very much does the head thing. Yeah. Eyes close, bit if a smile. Kinda blocks the emotion of anxiety. Crazy. Seems like the upper body gets most of the relaxation. FOSHO slight headache. But still killer.

  10. Marie Therrien

    Great strain but if I smoke it too late at night, I have trouble waking up the next morning and my productivity is affected (obviously after I use it but also the following day).

  11. Philip Barros

    This is probably my favorite strains. It gives a great body and mind high, and the smoke has a nice citrus taste. The high gradually builds up and intensifies, and is awesome for exploring. After the peak, the high gets a lot calmer and is perfect for laying down on a couch an just listening to music.

  12. Justin .G

    This shit is definitely an indica like god damn I couldn’t move my freaking legs I was paralyzed stuck on the couch dude. Really euphoric, couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, also makes you extremely tired, but you can manage to stay awake. Also side affect you do get really dry eyes and I don’t know if I was just messing up or not but I could not get my eyes white no matter how many eye drops I used man. I suggest putting your keys wallet and anything else somewhere you will remember and leave it there.

  13. Alan L Katz

    Smooth goin but it tastes like a barn floor on the way out. If you need a morning puff that will help relieve some menopause mornings (if ya dont know girl ya will) it helps with that headache/ migraine nausea the hormones cause along with the morning body aches we all get over 40 Im a fan pf the effects not the flavor It will be hard to get 5 stars from me anyway Cause i also have rods in my spine so i use it for pain as well Btw love this Site 5stars for that

  14. Richard

    100 stars…best true cannabis left on earth…creative,social, BONER inducing,spiritual…just awesome

  15. DuckyMadness

    First of all, I love and prefer SATIVA-dominant strains. I picked some of this up at a local dispensary. 30% thc and EXTREMELY frosty buds. This is some tasty grass. Nice citrusy flavor with herbal undertones. However, you need to respect her. I would say that paranoia is a problem with this strain if you take any more than one or two hits, regardless of what your THC tolerance is. Forget about smoking a whole bowl with this. I am usually pretty good at handling weed paranoia. I remember its like a trip and that its just the grass and then it subsides. However, when I smoked a whole bowl of this stuff, the paranoia was pretty legit. However, when I only take one or two hits of this stuff, I get a nice, cerebral, heady high. Depression is completely lifted. i feel my body become slightly light and lifted and numb of pain. Then the giant bolt of energy hits my like a thunder bolt with a very clear, sharp, and focused head high. Its like a monster energy drink sort of energy. This is a good strain for only taking one or two hits off of at a concert with friends, exercise, or going hiking or any kind of physical activity. I would avoid it for quiet evenings at home or for a strain to smoke a lot of. All in all, a super tasty strain but a strain that needs to be respected. You probably wouldn’t drink 20 cups of coffee, so take it easy with this one, at least at first.

  16. Jeff E Roderick

    This was the first time smoking this since the 70’s. THC content varies from each grower. An enjoyable high and good for most pain. Provides enough energy to get things done while maintaining a fairly strong head high with a relaxed body. Food tastes GREAT. Lasts a good 3 hours!

  17. John Mccrossin

    This is the best pain killing strain I have ever smoked. I am a pain mgt patient with chronic issues & this strain really helps me. I use a vape pipe these days and the taste is great & the effects potent. One of my favorite indica’s.

  18. Hempie

    Muha Meds Carts
    is a strong versatile bud . I can easily see the haze effect of spicy strong hitting high . The smell is strong before after burn . The hit is creepy and when it wears off it coz body effect . It’s a good stain to smoke especially with friends , I prefer to be taken in the afternoon .

  19. Mario Prandini

    Great for afternoon activity.

  20. Strain Anatomist

    These spear shaped buds carried 17% THC. Medium green in color with brown pistils & cloudy white fuzzy hairs with clear trichomes gave off a yellow amber glow. Taste & smell was lemon citrus. Effects made me uplifted, happy, & relaxed all while being a little hazy. Nice daytime Sativa with plenty of lemon!

  21. Hempie

    This is my go to strain to smoke before a night out, its great for calming down my adhd.

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