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Berry White Strain

Berry White Strain is a clever play on words isn’t all that this strain insinuates. Aptly named for its smooth smokability and rich dark berry flavors, Berry White is a celebrity strain born of two ultra famous parents: Blueberry and White Widow. Green Beanz Seedz out of Colorado has created a pure indica strain that has evenly balanced effects in both body and mind without inducing the heavy couch lock that many indicas have a tendency to do.

With somewhat of a range in THC levels, anywhere from 19% to 25%, Berry White can be a bit strong for the inexperienced user depending on how it was bred. Though in any case, the effects remain pretty much the same, just the severity varies. The flavors and aromas, however, remain consistently blueberry, piney, and floral with hints of sour lemon and unripe berries. The buds are large and popcorn-shaped with light olive and deep blue as the base colors. Breeding causes some variation in color ranging from totally blue to richly purple.

In spite of its purely indica roots, Berry White tends to be influenced by both indica and sativa and thus gives off effects that are more similar to a hybrid than a pure strain. The mindful nature of this strain offers complete euphoria while relaxing the body and soothing down your muscles. After the initial head rush, a warm tingle fills the body, easing you into a meditative state. And allowing for the stimulants of the strain to kick in. This induces a bit of creativity and more often than not, the munchies. The smoothness of the strain makes it painfully easy to smoke to excess. So be warned that higher doses will have those light feelings of laziness turn into full-blown sleep.

Berry White Leafly

Medical patients love Berry White for its healing properties, namely the ability to combat insomnia and chronic pain. The sedative properties in the strain give it the perfect punch to tackle even the most stubborn aches. And let you feel restful at a time where your brain may normally keep you up. For mental health issues, Berry White is a great strain for treating symptoms of depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and even minor cases of PTSD.

Berry White is an indoor-outdoor strain that has an unspecified flowering time with some users reporting a shorter period. Within around 7 weeks and others saying it is a long show of patience and closer to 10 weeks. Though this male grows fine outside, your best bet is to stick with a greenhouse as it tends to do better in controlled environments. Your yields will be average and the dankness of the bud might mean you’ll need some smell proofing.

1 review for Berry White

  1. daniel

    Wow. I pulled 3 times from the Volcano: Berry White has just assisted me in a major breakthrough at work (‘tho i am breaking to write my observations;-) My hearing is more detailed and i am noticing nuances in music that i haven’t heard since i was a child.*I just made a series of “errors” in my work, realized i was thinking way faster than my mouse could keep up, and chuckled at myself! Nice to have fun at work. I’m feeling so energetic and creative…and smiley.* I was meditating earlier today and this guided meditation has two sine wave/bell tones. I don’t know what frequencies they are, but i can hear them now, at random, in a sound isolated room.* At the one-hour mark, i feel a little heaviness in the body, my focus is wavering slightly, and i’m still feeling peaceful about everything. Including the work i have due in 5.5 hours and haven’t started yet! I had some pain in my left hand’s fingers that lessened significantly after i vaped. The sore muscles i earned while exercising feel relaxed and pain-free. *As i start to feel fatigue behind my eyes (not lidlock), i’m vaping a bag of White Widow. Thanks, Berry, see ya soon!

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